“Silencing dissent kills science”

“Silencing dissent kills science”, as marine scientist Professor Pete Ridd is dismissed by James Cook University (Queensland, Australia).  Popular columnist Andrew Bolt in Courier Mail 24 May 2018, p. 46, reported this after Dr Ridd questioned claims that man-made global warming is destroying the Great Barrier Reef.  Bolt commented: “He may be right, he may […]

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Dark Nebula

Un-Dark Galaxy Baffles Scientists

Un-dark galaxy baffles scientists, according to reports in ScienceDaily and BBC News 28 March 2018, and ABC News and National Geographic 29 March 2018, and Nature, doi: 10.1038/nature25676, 29 March 2018. Astronomers have been studying an unusually faint and diffuse galaxy named NGC1052-DF2. It is similar in size to the Milky Way galaxy but has […]

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Aboriginal Boxer Mundine Says Gays Should Die

Aboriginal boxer Mundine says gays should die, according to the Courier Mail (Queensland, Australia) 9 February 2018, p23. Anthony Mundine is an Australian boxer, described by the Courier Mail as a “high profile Muslim and self-styled Aboriginal leader”.  According to Mundine homosexuality is banned in Islam and forbidden in Aboriginal culture, and those practicing it […]

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Gender Neutral Swedish God?

The Church of Sweden (Lutheran) has updated its book of worship to use gender neutral references to God, according to the Telegraph and The Local 24 November 2017. Instead of opening their services with “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” they can now use the gender-neutral phrase “In the name of […]

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Quote: Origen on Age of Earth

  “After these statements, Celsus, from a secret desire to cast discredit upon the Mosaic account of the creation, which teaches that the world is not yet ten thousand years old, but very much under that, while concealing his wish, intimates his agreement with those who hold that the world is uncreated.” Origen (AD.185-254) Contra […]

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Human Evolution

Atheists Doubt Evolution

Atheists doubt evolution, according to a survey in UK and Canada conducted by YouGov for Newman University, Birmingham, UK, published 5 September 2017. As part of a project named “Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum”, researchers at Newman University surveyed British and Canadian adults on their beliefs about science, evolution and religion. As expected, a […]

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Make Our Planet Great Again

“Make our planet great again”, says President of France Emmanuel Macron, according to BBC News 1 June 2017. Following US President Donald Trump’s announcement on withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement Macron set up a project “to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change”. (Item in brackets in original) He goes on to state: […]

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Transgender Flag

Choose Your Gender?

Choose your gender? The UK government proposes changing the law to enable people to “self-identify” their gender, according to an article in Christian Concern 25 July 2017. The article states: “A consultation on the Gender Recognition bill, which will be published this autumn, will also suggest ‘demedicalising’ gender identity, by removing the requirement for an […]

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Survival of the Kindest

Survival of the kindest investigated at UC Berkeley, according to e! Science News, 9 December 2009. Dacher Keltner, a UC Berkeley psychologist, and colleagues have carried out a number of studies of human behaviour that challenge the “every man for himself” interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Keltner is co-director of the […]

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Suppress Climate Sceptics and Creationists

Suppress climate sceptics and creationists, says Barry Brook, director of the Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability, University of Adelaide, writing in an article in The Australian, 30 April 2008. Brook claims that global warming sceptics, creationists and “intelligent designers” are “trolls” – an Internet jargon term defined by Brook as “people who intentionally […]

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