New discovery of coalified land plant stem in the Bangor Limestone of Tennessee by Robert Row during October adds excitement to Creation Research project begun last year. Dr Moses, John Mackay and Robert Row were completing the task of recording photographically the fossilised land plants John discovered last year in the Hartselle Marine Shales below the Bangor Limestone. Sufficient high quality specimens of these have now been recovered to identify the plants as Tassel Ferns.

Editorial Comment: The rocks are supposed to over 300 million year old marine muds. Two points are obvious:
(a) since the time the rock was laid down Tassel Ferns have not evolved, and
(b) since we have now found several million of these land dwelling Tassel Ferns mixed in with marine snails – this is a flood deposit as well as being the first time such plants have been recorded in these deposits. Your gifts make such Creation Research projects possible.