New Alaska dinosaur footprints provide more evidence of previous land bridge between USA and Asia. The tracks were found in July on the Koalak River on the Alaskan North Slope, reported the Anchorage Daily News August 7 p1. Discoverer Don Triplehorn of the Uni of Alaska (Fairbanks) claims they are the most westerly evidence of dinosaurs found in North America and suggests the land bridge which the native Inuit and Eskimo peoples crossed to reach Alaska has been in existence much longer than previously thought.

Editorial Comment: To give this find a totally different twist, fossil footprints of land creatures could only have been formed at two main times in Biblical history: from creation to the 39th day of Noah’s flood and again after the flood. Perhaps these new prints are evidence that land creatures including Dinosaurs, crossed from Asia to the USA, perhaps only several centuries before humans. Shortly after the flood, Alaska was still being uplifted and the water still draining off, so massive amounts of sediment were still rapidly forming, footprints could be preserved by rapid burial. At that time, the climate had not yet become reptile unfriendly, as it would by the days of Job when ice descended onto the planet, and people moved from Asia to Alaska some time after Babel. (Just a thought) (Ref migration, man, sedimentation)