Aboriginal ancestral spirits were asked to watch over NAIDOC Bayside 2000 festivities in Cleveland (Australia) as a group of traditional dancers welcomed those who “helped make the celebration a success last weekend,” according to Bayside Bulletin 8th August 2000, p 14. “Nearly 1300 Redlands school children, a host of local dignitaries and community groups including Rotary, Police Fire Service and Queensland Rail, packed into Cleveland Community Hall auditorium for the official opening.”

Editorial Comment: The God who created man has always been emphatic that we are not to pray to the spirits of the departed for guidance and protection. Saul, the first King of Israel, lost his kingdom and his life because he ignored this instruction (Deuteronomy 189-13, 1 Samuel 28).

Throughout the Western world previously Christian based communities are joining with many indigenous communities in their celebrations. They are either ignoring or failing to realise that these so called native groups not long out of the stone age, really went into the stone age because they sought the help of ancestral spirits after they left the Tower of Babel. As a result the God of heaven and earth turned His back on them and turned them over to foolishness (Romans 128). The same will happen to western society. Modern space age man may be horrified at just how far down he can actually go. Whether it be technically or morally or physically, it will happen. The reason will be that these 1300 school children from the public education system, have been allowed by supervisors to be exposed to ancestral spirits, who are not figments of tribal myth but are real demons busy doing everything they can to lie, cheat and deceive mankind, just as they deceived my tribal ancestors, the native peoples of England and Scotland some 1400 years ago, before the arrival of the gospel in those lands.

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