Germs in your genes proclaimed many media sources after the latest report from the Human Genome Project revealed that genes for at least 223 proteins found in humans are the same as those found in bacteria. This finding has been promoted as evidence life evolved from a single cell to human beings.

Editorial Comment: Actually, all it proves is there are certain components that all living cells must have in order to function. For example, all living cells have to make energy, maintain their cell membranes, take in nutrients and expel waste products. The cellular machinery to do these things is, of necessity, very similar in all living cells. Therefore, it is not surprising that we find similar genetic instructions for these functions in bacteria as well as humans. To use the presence of similar components in different living organisms as evidence of evolution is as silly as claiming that four wheel drive vehicles evolved from wheelbarrows because they both have wheels. Four wheel drives and wheelbarrows have wheels because their creators found these to be the best solution for locomotion across solid ground.

In a similar way, the logical (but unpopular) interpretation of similar genes in different living organisms, is that it is excellent evidence that all living cells were designed by an intelligent Creator who knew they would all have to carry out certain functions, so designed the appropriate “best solution” machinery, and installed it in the cells. (Ref. Human Genome, bacteria, evolution)