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No wonder trump won, as BBC News and World Meteorological Organisation 14 November 2016 proclaim 2016 will be world’s warmest year on record, and this has been mimicked by media everywhere. According to the BBC, scientists are 90% certain 2016 will be the hottest year on record, based on nine months of data for this year. To make their point the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) have published a somewhat blurry graphic, reproduced in the BBC article, entitled “Global Temperatures – change from pre-industrial” showing an impressive looking increase from the middle of the period included in the graph. Looking closely the time period is from 1880 to 2020, and the steep rise begins in the 1970’s. The WMO goes on to list a plethora of natural disasters it attributes to the warming, including hurricanes, storms, floods, wildfires, heat waves and droughts. According to the BBC, “Scientists are stressing that the evidence for the reality of climate change is getting stronger all the time.”


Editorial Comment: “On record” eh? Whenever you see claims like this you need to ask: whose records, and what time span do they really cover? The reason they have chosen 1880 is because regular measurements of weather conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) using instrumental weather stations did not get underway until the latter part of the 19th century. At that time official weather stations would have been mainly in sea ports, because sailors needed the information. In the whole of the UK there were less than 100 for the first few decades after 1880. The number of stations increased dramatically in the mid-20th century, with many around airports, because flyers needed accurate weather reports particularly with warplanes being used. And this airport location is now one of the modern fudge factors as the high temp jet exhausts contribute to out of whack readings on a huge scale. Hi tech satellite observations and remote sensing only go back to the 1970’s.

“Hottest year on record” may sound impressive, but the period 1880 to 2020 is not actually the history of the world, especially when you note that most media and climate activists, who claim the warming is man-made, believe man appeared on the planet some millions of years ago.

Furthermore, as 2016 was not over when this story was presented in the news, and the scientists admit they only have nine months of data, you wonder why this story is being presented as scientific news now (November 2016). Perhaps it is not just coincidence that the story was published when there was a UN climate summit meeting, and more importantly, news services were all filled with outrage about Donald Trump being elected the next US president, and Trump is a well-known critic of man-made global warming claims. WMO are also capable of producing a graphic with clear figures, so we can’t help thinking this is a fudge for political purposes.

So, as we started: “No wonder Trump was elected President” as ‘we the people’ are sick of PC scientists and media who are actually truth deniers, not just regarding weather, but also homosexuality, Islam, evolution etc.

Evidence News vol. 16, No.22
24 November 2016
Creation Research Australia

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