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Instant Himalayas in dinosaur crater, according to reports in BBC News, Science News 17 November 2016, Science Perspectives 18 November, and Science vol. 354, pp. 878-882 doi: 10.1126/science.aah6561, 18 November 2016.

Scientists have drilled into a part of the Chicxulub crater in Mexico to find clues into the formation of peak rings impact craters. Peak rings are the inner rings of peaks found in large impact craters. They are clearly seen on some craters on the moon, rocky planets and other solar system objects, but hard to find on earth. Previous studies of the Chicxulub crater indicated it had peak rings, so a team of geologists have drilled into the crater and studied the rocks they extracted in a drill core.

They found the peaks were formed from “uplifted, fractured, shocked, felsic basement rocks”. These findings are consistent with a theory that the meteor impact made a deep hole in the earth’s crust followed by a rapid series of events described in the Science Perspective article as: “a rim of mountains, higher than the Himalayas, adjacent to a void 25 km deep and about 70 km wide, forming and collapsing within the first three minutes; the central fluidized peak rising and collapsing in minutes 3 to 4; and a shakedown period in minutes 5 to 10, leaving a shallow crater at the surface, an intensely deformed impact zone extending through the thickness of the Earth’s crust and beyond, and the world changed forever”.

What changed forever, according to this and just about every other article on the Chicxulub crater, is that the dinosaurs died out and the age of mammals began. The headline of the Science News article is “Drilling of dinosaur-killing impact crater explains buried circular hills”. The Perspective article goes onto state: “Conditions for some forms of life would have been drastically affected worldwide, leading to the famous end-Cretaceous mass extinction and ultimately the conditions favourable for the evolution of mammals and hence humans”.

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Editorial Comment: It seems rapid catastrophic processes are now quite acceptable to evolutionary geologists if they can be associated with meteorites and dinosaurs. Ever since the asteroid theory was advanced for dinosaur extinction any reference to this crater is always embellished with claims about it being responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs. We wonder whether anyone beyond the geophysics community would have ever heard of this crater if it had been found in rocks that had been assigned some other date older or younger than 66 million years, which the evolutionists had already declared to be the end of the Cretaceous – the end of the dinosaur age.

This theory appeared to be confirmed when a layer containing unusual amounts of iridium was found immediately above the Cretaceous layer in various parts of the world. Since the micro fine iridium would never be laid down if dinosaurs, or even worms, were active, then time to fess up you evolutionary catastrophists, this iridium is not the cause. If it was it should be underneath the last layer to contain dinosaurs. As the layer is claimed to be above the Cretaceous then the dinosaurs had already died out when it was deposited if the geological column represents the history of evolution.

A meteorite impact of this magnitude certainly would have been a catastrophic disaster and would have killed many animals and plants in the region around it, plus the debris thrown into the atmosphere certainly would have affected the climate all over the earth, in the same way volcanic eruptions still do. However, that does not explain why large coldblooded reptilian dinosaurs died out while many other coldblooded large and small creatures, some more susceptible to environmental changes, e.g. frogs, are still here.

Furthermore, evolutionists also need to acknowledge that the death of one kind of creature never explains the origin of any other kinds of creatures. New creatures can only be formed when there is new genetic information. An empty environment will not change a reptile into a mammal or a bird. Therefore, to claim mass extinctions led to new creatures evolving is just airy fairy thinking by those who do not want to admit a Creator who made all living creatures in the beginning, and judged the earth following human sin, and still has the right to judge it.

Evidence News vol. 16, No.22
24 November 2016
Creation Research Australia

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