Designer yeast chromosomes reported in Science, vol. 355, pp1024-1025 doi: 10.1126/science.aam9739, 10 March 2017.

Several international teams of scientists have made five artificial chromosomes of a yeast cell. This is part of a massive ongoing project to make synthetic life. A summary of the current state of the research is headed “Yeast Genome, by Design” and the article begins: “A core theme in synthetic biology, ‘understanding by creating’, inspired the effort to generate the first synthetic cell, JCVI-Syn1.0 (1)”. As well as this summary, the 10 March 2017 edition of Science includes a series of reports describing the teams work and their results. These papers include the titles: “Building on nature’s design”, “‘Perfect’ designer chromosome V and behavior of a ring derivative”, and “Design of a synthetic yeast genome”.

Editorial Comment: The organisation that publishes Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), is one of the most vigorous and vocal opponents of allowing students in schools to even mention the words “design” and/or “creation” in science classes, let alone consider any evidence life was created. However, it seems the editors of Science, and AAAS, are happy to use the words “design”, “designer” and “creating” to apply to biological systems made by human scientists. They obviously don’t believe the new yeast chromosomes can, or did, self-evolve by chance random processes. This means they must believe the testimonies of those scientists who wrote the papers describing their work. Therefore, they are without excuse for rejecting the testimony of the Creator God, who designed and made the original system the scientists are copying and modifying.

The artificial yeast genome project began in 2014 with building one chromosome, which we wrote about in Evidence News, and our comments on artificial chromosomes are unchanged and can be read here.

Evidence News vol. 17, No. 3
15 March 2017
Creation Research Australia

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