Our UK office is in Manchester, where the terrorist bombing killed 22 people this week. A report from our rep, John Young, mentions there is much anger in the streets today. Surprisingly, he reports, locals fear a blow-up between Muslims and the Asians most. Surprised because he didn’t mention the English?

There is no doubt Islamic terrorism is based on the belief about a god called Allah, from a book the Koran that actually does counsel ‘believers’ to kill Christians, Jews and anyone who disagrees with them. And yet the bulk of Muslims, don’t know their Koran, and like most people just want to get on with living, but … many will do what their Imam tells them.

But what’s the real issue? As much help as extra security would be, the real problem is man’s sin which means we actually enjoy much of the rubbish we hear at many concerts, and most have no intention of giving God the glory for anything, let alone including Him in our thinking, and our governments expel the Creator from our classrooms with evolution and humanism. Funny how when terrorists blow us up, survivor first response – so often on video recordings from Manchester was “oh my God”… aahh … which god is that please?

Won’t really do much good corralling all the Muslims on the planet and sending them back. As much as that would be convenient, it doesn’t fix the problem just merely postpones the dilemma. The only cure is for them to know, not Allah, but Allah Bapa – the Father God, for the truth is the Koran teaches us that Allah is not a father. For the true God is a father, and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, actually is the Creator, who became Saviour for all. You want to stop more Manchesters? Then stop false religions such as evolution, such as humanism, such as atheism, and Islam. They all need the real Creator Christ who is not Allah, but the son of Allah Bapa who is the Only Saviour who can deliver us from sin. You didn’t know Islam offers no Saviour? You have to earn your way to eternal glory. Many terrorists think that by blowing you up they actually earn rights to eternal bliss.

The only solution to that is to tell them about the true God – about Jesus Creator and Redeemer. That’s what Creation Research is all about. Join us … support us … encourage us … and contact us.

Editorial from Evidence News vol. 17, No.9
24 May 2017
Creation Research Australia

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