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What’s the real terror? Islamic extremism or Islamic naivism?

So the Aussie Prime Minister Mr Turnbull has told UK victims of terrorist attacks, that we are praying with you and supporting you. Many media reports mention that all Australians would or should be praying for them as well. Just a question Mr Turnbull and the many western leaders who are mouthing similar things: “Who do you recommend we pray to?” You and your proceeding governments have wanted the west to be fully multicultural, so do we pray to Allah? How about the Aboriginal Biami? What about the Hindu gods of Indian culture currently being advertised on the backs of Aussie council buses? Or should we be praying to Jesus Christ who is still barely remembered in the opening of the English speaking Parliaments with the Lord’s Prayer to Our Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and the only Saviour of mankind? Telling us to pray without telling us who to pray to is naïve in the extreme!

And what should we be praying? Should it be for the Muslim Mayor of London who has told us not be concerned because police have it under control? Should we rather be praying he will publicly renounce Islamic culture, since it actually does teach him it’s ok to lie to Christians or Jews or anybody in Islam’s way? This can make for a real problem trusting anything Sadiq Khan or Muslims say! It’s naïve in the extreme to think otherwise. Should we be grateful to the cartoonists in our local news media who are doing their best to portray Islam as a non-violent religion, even quoting the Qur’an which says “—whoever kills an innocent shall be as if he has killed all mankind” Q 5.2. Who is brave enough to ask, “What is the Muslim definition of innocent?” Perhaps you could expand on that a little Mr Turnbull or Mr Khan. All who are reading this tough love editorial with Western culture mindset, need to face the fact they’re mostly viewing events with a naïve, parasitized Christian view of the word “innocent”. Do you believe if you haven’t done anything wrong according to God’s Ten Commandments, you must be innocent? But that’s not innocent to a Qur’anic scholar, an Imam or an Islamic extremist. For the cartoonists and politicians who quote Quran 5:2, here’s what the rest of the chapter’s about. Quran 5:51 states: “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.”

And the proceeding Quran 4:56 states: “Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.”

So who do Muslims regard as the innocent or the guilty? Anybody who denies Allah is The One True God for starters, so anyone who says Jesus Christ is God is very guilty, plus any Jew who rejects the Qu’ran as Holy Writ or refuses to bow the knee to Muslim armies! By definition all of these are not innocent, they are guilty, and the Qu’ran teaches such guilty heretics should be put to death. Blow them up, kill them, knife them, poison them, reads the Islamic Terrorist – at the same time as Islamic Naivists in England, in America, in Australia, and New Zealand, watch on! How about we read the Qu’ran with Muslim eyes, not residual Christian ones. And what about those who want the doors locked on all immigration. A call currently sounding from the top of the White House to the basement of Number 10 Downing Street. Many are calling for increased military action at the same time as they vote for ‘immorality’ legislation that makes them guilty. Not just in the eyes of the Islamist, but in the far more important courts of the one true God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So do you want a real solution to the problem? You do want increased security? Perhaps stronger military action? And Islamic Immigration Terrorism banned? Stop their travel? Send ‘em all back? You may find these things marginally efficient in improving your security, but you won’t find them to be the solution you wanted or needed.

The God who actually owns the creation, told His people ages ago the real solution to such terrorist attacks. When He was establishing the nation of Israel, He warned that if they obeyed Him, if they applied His commandments to their lives, and if they gave thanks in everything and sought His will to be done, then He would personally raise up barriers and keep their enemies out. In fact, He would even go so far as giving an obedient nation favour in the eyes of their enemies. On the flip side, if they turned away from Him, He Himself would raise up their enemies whether they were Ancient Babylonians, present day Syrians, or modern Extremists. He would personally raise up enemies to smash the arrogance of a people who should have humbled themselves before the Creator and Maker, Lord God of Heaven and earth. If they refused to depend on Him, removing Him etc. then regardless of how long a safety barrier they built around their country, how many soldiers or nukes they had, or travel bans they put in place, none would work.

So are you really concerned about Islamic Extremism? Then don’t put in place people or governments which betray the Truth over and over again. Don’t elevate those who push for euthanasia with the hidden agenda line “get rid of our old people because they’re too expensive”. Reject those from high position who tell you ‘abortion by demand’. Do not put in place leaders who encourage young people to reject God, to reject Creation, and Creator and His Word on the grounds of the scientific lie of evolution. For all these knock down any security wall you might build. They gut any army that could protect you! They betray truth and substitute lies and liars which erode everything that makes any nation strong and Islamic Extremism will prosper.

When the heads of airlines, supported by politicians and Media tell us positive discrimination of homosexuals is good for business, they become the un-innocent who have already opened doors to the immigration of evil. When they want the famous tennis player Margaret Court to withdraw her condemnation of homosexuality and want her tarred, feathered and shamed as well as removed from history, she is being punished for telling the truth. The same media moguls see sales advantage in Halal cartoons portraying Islam as peaceful. Do you really want to solve the problem of Islamic Extremism? Then stop practicing Islamic Naivism!

You church leaders who embrace billions of years of evolution in your theological colleges and train young pastors to ignore God’s Word from the beginning, you are the real traitors who have already knocked down the walls of our freedom and protection. You are the ones who above all others need to repent of your betrayal and turn back to the Maker and Founder of heaven and earth, and humbly obey Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Then walk filled with His Spirit in obedience to His Word, teaching all men that the God who is Jesus, actually is the Lord of all nations – not just the Christian ones. You need to make sure God’s people first know He and He alone can raise up a nation or put a people down, so our trust must first be in Him! You need to advise the Media and the doubting politicians also, otherwise, the God who made the universe will ensure that any and all walls you or I erect, any armies we pay for, or any security measures we put in place will be abject failures. This is a tough message, but then God called us in Creation Research to a tough area, to share His tough love! Get on board now – pray with us – support us now!

Editorial Article for Evidence News vol. 17, No. 10
8 June 2017
Creation Research Australia

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