Global warming theory cracks up, according to ScienceShots 9 July 2008. (whole item quoted)

“Crash! In one doomsday scenario, global warming triggers titanic chunks of ice to break and slide off the Antarctic landmass, causing sea levels to rise by meters. The surrounding Antarctic ice shelf has been splitting over the past 2 decades–but is this a harbinger of doom or just part of some natural cycle? Researchers using underwater acoustic sensors originally designed to detect nuclear explosions have listened to the grinding and cracking of the ice, and they have now determined that–at least over the past 7 years–there has been no increase in Antarctic ice shelf break-up. The results, reported this week at the Acoustics 2008 meeting in Paris, France, provide a baseline for the rate of Antarctic splitting. The question now is whether it will increase as the temperature rises.”

Editorial Comment: Is it “just part of some natural cycle?” is a good question.

As there has been no increase in ice breaking during a time when the earth seems to have reached the peak of a warm cycle, has stabilised and may be cooling, it is reasonable to answer that ice cracking is a normal, regular occurrence in Antarctica, and should not be used to scare people into believing that human industry and farming is going to let loose an avalanche of killer icebergs and sea level rises unless they pay carbon taxes.

Evidence News 13 August 2008

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