British physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking claims God was not needed to create the Universe! More details of Hawking’s claim that the law of gravity was all that was needed to do the big bang, and gravity alone could make a universe from nothing was reported in the Telegraph

Editorial Comment: You need to remember we have access to an eyewitness account which tells us Stephen Hawking was not needed to create the universe. (source: God, Genesis 1, John 1)

What has truly concerned us is that the media commentators or interviews with physicists or churchmen show few have been brave enough to ask Hawking about the obvious flaw in his system as to where the ‘Law of Gravity’ came from so it could do its thing to create (sorry – evolve) us all?

What a fool Hawking is going to be shown for (as are all the church leaders not brave enough to call Hawking’s statement for what it is) when they all appear before the Creator Christ for judgement.

Evidence News 22 September 2010

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