A headmaster of a Protestant school in Amsterdam has agreed to stay at home for a few days after causing a stir by his insistence his teachers adhere to the Christian theory of Creationism. Peter Boon of Augustinus College in the northern city of Groningen said in an interview with newspaper “Dagblad van het Noorden” earlier this week he could not tolerate one of his teachers telling a class he was a supporter of the Theory of Evolution. (Information supplied by Frank Eeken)

News agency ANP reported that many of the teachers in the school disagree with this and believe that the Theory of Evolution can go hand-in-hand with the Christian view on how life – and humans in particular – has developed.

Editorial Comment: Those who claim evolution can be the method by which God created far outnumber atheistic evolutionists. They also do much more damage to Christianity as the Creator they promote is nothing more than a syncretic god of their own imagination who awards them with much media praise and applause from secular authorities at the same time as this god empties churches.

The subject of what is wrong with theistic evolution is a vital one and we again encourage you to see one of the world’s leading theistic evolutionists publicly defeated in the Big Question Debate between John Mackay and John Polkinghorne debate at Liverpool Cathedral. Video available on DVD from the Creation Research webshop, or view online here.

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