Homosexual penguins live in New York, according to a report in The Observer (UK), 8 February 2004, p.1.

Two male penguins in New York’s Central Park Zoo, make mating gestures towards one another, but showed no interest in mating when a female penguin was provided. Their keeper noticed them trying to hatch a rock and provided them with a fertile egg from another penguin. They successfully incubated it and then raised the chick.

According to Marlene Zuk of University of California, Riverside homosexual behaviour occurs in both wild and captive animals and is good for the species because the homosexual animals help raise young produced by the heterosexual animals. She says we should not be surprised by this because people are animals, too.

Editorial Comment: Evolutionists using animal behaviour to justify human behaviour – beware. Male horses treat female horses as pure sex objects. Some female spiders eat their male partner after mating. Chimpanzees steal, fight, kill and eat each other – not behaviours that promote good human relationships or orderly societies. Degenerate animal behaviour is no excuse for degenerate human behaviour.

Humans are not animals. Human beings are unique creations, made in the image God, and therefore have the unique privilege of knowing God, understanding His word and living by it, as well as being accountable to our Creator. The idea that human beings are just another type of animal is evolutionary religion at its worst.

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