Intelligent design counter claims as US school legislators gang up to fight off the Intelligent Design movement which they claim is a cover for getting creation science into schools under a new name.

Their argument is with people such as Michael Behe, a Biochemist at Oelehigh University, who claims in his book Darwin’s Black Box that complex systems such as the human blood clotting mechanism could not have arisen step-by-step. Behe says “This mechanism involving more than a dozen proteins could hardly have emerged full blown in a single mutation. Yet it couldn’t have been built one protein at a time, because without any one protein it would be useless.”

Brown University Biologist Kenneth Miller, who claims to be both a Darwinian and a Christian, has written a book called Finding Darwin’s God in which he argues that if you look at blood clotting in various species you can see how the human version could have evolved one step at a time.

Editorial Comment: Because Miller claims to be a Christian and is an ardent evolutionist the only people who seem really interested in Miller’s book are those evolutionists who want to use it as an excuse to stop Christians teaching creation.

It is interesting to note that Miller claims “evolution doesn’t start from scratch”. To get the evolutionary ball rolling he invents a “small pre-vertebrate with a low volume low pressure circulatory system” that has a “full complement of sticky white cells to help plug leaks”. Since textbooks on evolution start with simple molecules such as methane, ammonia and water, etc. what Miller does can only be described as Thiestic cheating.

Most of Miller’s article consists of speculation of how existing genes for protein reactivators could have evolved by fortuitous combinations of gene duplications via what Miller describes as a “witches brew of copying errors, rearrangements and genetic reshuffling that affect genes for every other cellular protein”. Miller claims that proof for his theory was found in 1990 when a biochemist found a “fibrinogen-like sequence” in a sea cucumber. This does prove that sea cucumbers have a protein similar to fibrinogen, (the protein that forms blood clots) but does not prove the sea cucumber protein became fibrinogen.

For those who wish to think further Millers work fails to answer a very important question for evolutionists: Why is it that only the duplicate gene gets mutated into something new and the original gene stays intact? If mutations were really random both copies of the gene would be equally subject to mutation. Does any evolutionist out there have an answer to this? He certainly tells an interesting story for someone who knows a little biochemistry, but stories are no evidence that evolution ever happened.

For a man who calls himself a Christian, Miller certainly writes like an atheist. One day he will have to answer to God the Creator, who will not be impressed at being portrayed as the author of millions of mistakes when He really created perfect, fully functional creatures by his perfect word.

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