Pythons die in cold Florida, according to BBC Earth News 5 July 2010.

Burmese pythons that had invaded Florida may have been stopped in their tracks because many died during the unusually cold period of January 2010. The snakes can grow up to 3 metres (10ft) long and were becoming a pest as they moved into Florida wilderness areas and were preying on endangered species such as Key Largo wood rats and marsh rabbits.

Prior to the cold snap researchers from the University of Florida, US National Parks Service and US Geological Survey had captured some snakes, implanted radio transmitters and temperature loggers into them and released them again. They found the snakes were unable to control their body temperature during the cold weather, and when they went to recapture them they found nine of the ten implanted snakes had died. They also found 99 other pythons, of which 40 were dead, indicating that many snakes had died during the cold snap.

The snakes showed no signs of seeking warmer refuges, such as burrows, and the researchers suggested because they normally live in the tropics the snakes were “thermally naive” and unable to cope with changing temperatures, unlike reptiles that normally live in temperate climates. American alligators will retreat to warmer refuges when temperatures fall, but tropical crocodiles tend not to.


Editorial Comment: “Thermally naive” is perhaps another way of saying the snakes have lost a means of responding to their environment, and can therefore now only survive in places where the temperature always stays warm.

Most snakes can respond selectively to cool vs warm situations due to their cold blooded system needs, and they would have had to do so even in the original cool/warm climate of the original creation. Finding a sunny spot to warm themselves, even in Eden, would be a snake priority.

Loss of such sensitivity would be a change, but it is not evolution. It is yet another sign of the degeneration that has affected all living things since mankind rebelled against his Creator and God judged the world with death.

As a Climate Change aside: In January 2010 all 50 states in USA, including Florida and Hawaii, had snow.

Evidence News 25 August 2010

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