Rapid granite growth reported in Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 116, 9-16. 2005.

In a paper by J.D.Clemens entitled ‘Granites and granitic magmas: strange phenomena and new perspectives on some old problems’, geologists claim that massive granite formations do not take millions of years to form.

The abstract to the paper concludes: “The granitic melt segregates into veins, shears and dykes, eventually forming larger feeder dykes that transport the magma rapidly upward to the emplacement sites. The potential speed of ascent and emplacement mean that even very large granitic plutons probably grow in thousands of years. Experimental data on crystallization rates suggest that many of the large crystals observed in granitic rocks could have grown in a matter of hours – certainly in no more than a few tens of years. Geological processes are commonly thought of as slow and continuous, but many are rapid and episodic. Granitic plutonism is of the latter kind.”

See French, W. J. 2005. The Granite Controversy Ends: An introduction to J. D. Clemens paper ‘Granites and granitic magmas’ and accompanying invited discussion. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 116, 5-7. plus Brown, M., Clemens, J. D., Pitcher, W. S., Vernon, R. H. 2005. Invited comments on Clemens’s ‘Granites and granitic magmas’. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 116:17-32.

Editorial Comment: A few years ago the words “rapid and episodic” would never have been used in the context of geology. It is interesting to see secular geologists finally admit that individual rock structures show evidence of fast formation. Eventually they may come to admit their claims that the world is millions of years old are based on a desire to give evolution enough time to occur, not on the actual evidence in the earth’s crust. Many rock formations can be better explained by rapid formation at creation, in association with Noah’s Flood or other catastrophic events since then.

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