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After viewing an Australian Museum display of the changing coastline around Sydney Piers Akerman, writing for the Sunday Telegraph, claims “climate doomsayers are all at sea”. According to the Museum, 18,000 years ago the coastline was 15 km (9.3 miles) to the east and 120 metres (394ft) below the current sea level. This means there was no Sydney Harbour, just a long series of sandy beaches with few headlands and no extensive rock platforms. Between 18,000 and 6,000 years ago the sea levels rose to their current levels. This is a rise, on average, of one metre (3ft 3in) every 100 years.

Piers Akerman comments: “But the worst-case scenario posed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has sea level rising about 0.3m per 100 years, about a third of the rise known to have occurred in the relatively recent past.” He then goes to ask how they know the current changes in sea level and climate are caused by human activity. During the time of rapid sea level rise described in the Australian Museum display, human technology is believed to have been “fire-stick farming,” hunting and gathering, and cooking over camp fires.

Editorial Comment: We may not agree with the timetable presented by the Australian Museum, but there is no doubt that sea levels and climate have changed significantly in the past and are continuing to do so. Piers Ackerman is asking the right question – if there weren’t millions of people burning coal and oil when the sea levels were rising at a more rapid rate than they are today, why do we blame mankind for the recent slower changes?

The Bible tells us that large variations in the world’s climate began with the world wide flood of Noah. When it was over, God told Noah that for the rest the history of the world there would be periods of cold and heat, and 4,000 years of agricultural history has confirmed this. Of course, it is harder to shift the Sydney Opera House than an Aboriginal Gunya made of sticks.

Evidence News 4 April 2007

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