“Silencing dissent kills science”, as marine scientist Professor Pete Ridd is dismissed by James Cook University (Queensland, Australia).  Popular columnist Andrew Bolt in Courier Mail 24 May 2018, p. 46, reported this after Dr Ridd questioned claims that man-made global warming is destroying the Great Barrier Reef.  Bolt commented: “He may be right, he may be wrong.  This is a vital question that must be answered with arguments.”  He goes onto to say, “We cannot get good science if we cannot debate.”

Bolt states good science is necessary in this issue because of the impact it has on people’s lives, with increases in gas and electricity costs, and the closing down of some industries leading to job losses and business closures.

He then mentions other academics who have been silenced for questioning man-made global warming, and quotes some prominent politicians who agree that universities should be encouraging debate, not shutting it down.  He concludes: “Dissent must not be crushed if science is to advance.”

Editorial Comment: Bolt is correct! Closing down serious debate is not good for any science, or for any issue that impacts people’s lives, and climate change isn’t the only issue where silencing those opposed to popular beliefs kills good science.  Truth is not determined by which pressure groups can influence the politicians and media, or by a majority vote.

The same applies to education authorities who prevent teachers and university lecturers from teaching any alternative to evolution.  However, the worst offenders for closing down debate on creation are church groups and university student ministries who label themselves evangelical Bible believers but refuse to let students hear or discuss the evidence for Biblical creation.  We have had this complaint to us mostly concerning Moore College influenced campus groups.

The sceptical atheists and humanists are at least being consistent in their beliefs, even if they are wrong.  Those claiming to believe the Bible, but prevent any serious discussion on Creation, Noah’s Flood and Babel are hypocrites, as well as promoting a Jesus who has not told the truth about creation.

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Evidence News vol. 18, No. 5
30 May 2018
Creation Research Australia