Introduction and Editorial by John Mackay

Pictures show the latest fossil plant found November by John Mackay in a Middle Tennessee limestone full of trilobites, corals and sea shells. All who have seen the fossil to date have suggested “land-plant”. The significance? This fossil plant was found in claimed Middle Ordovician rock (460 million e-years) and evolutionists think land plants didn’t evolve till 40 million evolution-years after this – in the Silurian period. The thousands of fossils we have found at this site are 3-5mm wide (1/8-1/5inch) and up to 20cm long (8inches. The picture shows the fossil etched with acid for clarity, and filmed through a field microscope.

Any plant specialists ID comments appreciated. Try equisetum (land plant) or stonewort (fresh water plant). Either way this will be a record.

Thanks to all whose financial support enable us to push back the false claims of evolutionists about the origin of land plants which God created on the third day. Now enjoy the latest exposures of fake news from the ‘Let’s leave God out of learning crowd, as you read Evidence News 18/19 from The Creation Guys and Girls around the planet.

Plant Fossil Tennessee 2019

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 18
27 November 2019
Creation Research Australia

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