The first person to legally have his gender recorded as neither male nor female goes back to living as a man, declaring the classification ‘Non-Binary’ is a “Psychologically Harmful Legal Fiction” according to articles in Christian Post 1 January 2020, PJ Media 16 January 2020 and The Christian Institute 17 January 2020. 

James Shupe began transitioning to living as a woman in 2013 and became the first person to legally have his gender recorded as “non-binary”, i.e. neither male no female.  He is has now gone back to living as a man and being identified as male.  During his transgender time he took female hormones but stopped short of having surgery.  He admitted: “I am and have always been male. That is my biological truth, the only thing capable of grounding me to reality.” 

He is now warning people against the current transgender culture.  He stated on his own website: “I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.” 

Shupe recognises that gender confusion is real but the solution is not to interfere with the body.  Shupe suffered from several serious illnesses brought on by the hormone therapy. 

In an interview with Christian Post he gave this advice to children who are struggling with gender confusion: “I understand that you are reluctant to take the advice of older people and would prefer to test things out yourself, but you can’t walk this harm back. You only have one body. You only have one reproductive system. Please don’t ruin it chasing the fantasy that you are something other than your biological sex.  While your suffering is real, a gender transition is not the answer to your problems.”

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Editorial Comment:  Shupe is one of a growing number of people who been caught up in the current transgender fad, but recognised their mistake and have “detransitioned”.  Sadly many of them have been irrevocably damaged by puberty blocking drugs, cross gender hormones and surgery.

Shupe is correct about gender confusion being a real problem, but confusion is never solved by affirming the false belief that brought on the confusion.  Confusion is solved by helping people understand truth – in this case, the biological fact that human beings are male and female from conception, and interfering with the body by drugs and surgery will not change that. 

Human beings have been male or female ever since God created them that way in the beginning, and those who perpetrate the lie that gender is fluid, will have answer to that same God for all the damage their lies have caused. 

Those who do suffer from gender confusion should seek the One who is the truth – Jesus Christ.  By knowing the truth they can be set free to live their lives according to the genes they were given by their Creator. 

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29 January 2020
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