Do you detect any bias in this newspaper report?

“An elite Brisbane private school has bowed to pressure and dropped a sex-education book that suggests God hates homosexuals, gay people can “successfully” change to heterosexual, and people with ambiguous genitalia are “freaks”.  Following Courier-Mail coverage that exposed the offensive book used in Year 10 religion classes at Moreton Bay Boys’ College and an angry backlash from parents, the school has confirmed the resource will be scrapped.” Queensland Courier Mail, August 4, 2020, Page 1.

Editorial Comment: Well it is true the Bible reports the Creator God does hate homosexuality, along with adultery, gluttony, thievery, etc, all in the same paragraph, (1 Corinthians 6:9).  Therefore, would it be fair to say the Courier FeMale author of this report hates God’s Word?

Evidence News
5 August 2020
Creation Research Australia

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