Japanese bring asteroid sample back to earth and all types of claims emerge about finally finding the origin of the solar system and life. Over the past few years scientists have sent probes to the far reaches of the solar system and collected comet dust, meteorites and now asteroid material, all with the purpose of either finding evidence for life in outer space, or evidence that such outer space objects brought the building blocks of life to earth. 

Studies of meteorites and comets have certainly found chemicals that can be used to build biological molecules, but ultimately there is a problem for life arising on earth from chemicals, whatever their origin.  The problem is water, even though most theories of the origin of life involve organic molecules forming in the sea.  A review of various origin of life theories in Nature News Feature, 9 December 2020 comments: “Living things depend on water, but it breaks down DNA and other key molecules. So how did the earliest cells deal with the water paradox?”  One solution suggested in the article is shallow pools on the earth’s surface that go through cycles of filling and drying out.  Scientists involved in the Mars Perseverance mission believe such conditions may have existed on Mars in the past.  The Nature article concludes: “It could be that Mars took only the first few chemical steps towards life, and did not go all the way. In that case, we might find fossils — not of life, but of pre-life.”

For examples of interplanetary collections and claims see:
An Essential Element For Life on Earth Has Finally Been Found on a Comet, Science Alert 5 December 2020.
Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites, ScienceDaily 7 December 2020.
The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover will search for signs of ancient microbial life, NASA Mission Overview

Editorial Comment:  It seems scientists are no further ahead than Darwin’s “warm little pond” theory from 150 years ago.  The only reason for searching for life on asteroids, comets or planets is to prop up the belief that chemicals can make life all by themselves.  This belief is doomed to failure because as any biologist will tell you, life requires information.

Sadly, most biologists do not want to take the next logical step and ask where did the information come from, because they do not want to be confronted with the Creator who made them, and who therefore has final authority over their lives.  Even more sadly, this means they miss out on knowing the Creator Saviour who loved them so much, He came to earth to intentionally die for their sin and rise from the grave to give them new life. And as we approach Christmas this year keep Easter in firmly in view as you share this Jesus.

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