Giant hippos lived in warm Britain, according to reports in ScienceDaily and University of Leicester News 4 October 2021 and Journal of Quaternary Science, 4 October 2021 doi: 10.1002/jqs.3375.

Palaeontologists from University of Leicester and Royal Holloway, University of London, have found the tooth of an extinct hippopotamus named Hippopotamus antiquus in Westbury Cave in Somerset, UK. The tooth is dated at one million years old, making it the oldest evidence of hippos in Britain. Other hippo fossils show that these creatures once “ranged across Europe in warm periods during the Ice Age”. They were larger than modern day hippos with scientists estimating H. antiquus weighed in at 3,200 kilograms.

One of the researchers Danielle Schreve of University of London explained: “Hippos are not only fabulous animals to find but they also reveal evidence about past climates. Many megafaunal species (those over a tonne in weight) are quite broadly tolerant of temperature fluctuations but in contrast, we know modern hippos cannot cope with seasonally frozen water bodies. Our research has demonstrated that in the fossil record, hippos are only found in Britain during periods of climatic warmth, when summer temperatures were a little warmer than today but most importantly, winter temperatures were above freezing.”

Links: Leicester, ScienceDaily 

Editorial Comment: So, Hippos were bigger and Britain was warm and lush, but now giant hippos have died out, Britain has freezing winters, and no hippos of any size are found there. So much for human induced climate change. Bang goes evolution also!

Be honest Greenies – what do evolutionists think caused the “warm periods during the Ice Ages”? It can’t have been human industry. In fact, the climate has been changing ever since God told Noah there would be times of heat and cold after the flood.

The loss of megafauna is a common theme all over the world, and fits with the Biblical history better than anything else. The original very good world was one of lush vegetation and widespread mild climate with plenty of food and habitat for large animals. After the environment was devastated by Noah’s flood extremes of climate came into the world which meant many places got colder and drier – not good for large vegetarian animals that need a constant supply of nutritious plant food all year round. It is no surprise that some died out, and others survived as mutant smaller variants. Overall, giant hippos plus evidence of warmer climates in Europe are reminders that the real history of this world is from good to bad to worse.

Creation Research News 13 October 2021

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