Keratin socks it to evolution, as our Tasmanian colleague Craig Hawkins exposes Australian sock producer Merino Threads, who proudly proclaims on its sock packaging that Keratin based merino wool is “Nature’s evolution tested renewable performance fibre”, that it will “outperform any synthetic fibre” and that “No synthetic fibre can match the complexity and performance of this evolved fibre”.

They proclaim the wonders of mindless evolution in the development of the wool fibre which has 10 cell components made from Keratin, whilst admitting it is much better than any fibre our very clever scientists have been able to synthesise.

This incredibly versatile protein and its arrangement in living creatures was acknowledged by researchers at the University of California as something we should copy in man-made products, who wrote: “A comprehensive understanding of the biochemistry, structure and mechanical properties of keratins and keratinous materials is of great importance for keratin-based bioinspired materials and designs.”

Sources: Merino Threads Product Label; Progress in Materials Science March 2016 doi: 10.1016/j.pmatsci.2015.06.001.

Editorial Comment: Keratin is indeed a very tough protein that is present in numerous biological products including hair, wool, nails, scales, beaks, feathers and whale baleen. But not only is it impossible for keratin to exist without the complexity of a living organism producing it, thanks to an amazing DNA coding for it, the keratin itself is only useful to the organism producing it, if it is further arranged in an appropriate structural design.

Merino Threads packaging admits there are ten different components within the wool fibre made from Keratin. But they don’t advise us that to be useful in bird scales or beaks the structural arrangement must be completely different. Keratin may be formed in a tubular fibre, as layers called lamellae (like in scales), or as a compact sheath over a range of other structures.

Merino Threads promote the amazing design of such a simple product like their sock but will not acknowledge the immensely more complex design of the keratinous material they make their sock from. They would rather praise blind chance than acknowledge the skill of the master designer in the creation of keratin, deliberately forgetting He will sock it to them in judgement if they refuse to acknowledge Him. So next time you put on any clothing made from “natural fibres” give thanks to the Creator who designed these brilliant fibres, and who will provide a glorious white robe of righteousness to all who repent and worship Him as Creator, Saviour and Lord.

Creation Research News 9 February 2022

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