Clouds Rain

South eastern Australia has just experienced a cold, wet Spring with many rivers in flood following a year of high rainfall. All extreme weather these days is blamed on man-made climate change, but these are not the highest floods on record!

In a report on ABC News 27 November 2022 Chas Keys, a former deputy director-general of the New South Wales SES explained: “There was a period from about 1949 to about 1956 in which pretty well every river in New South Wales had a genuinely big flood. And some of them had records which haven’t been beaten since.” (SES is the State Emergency Service)

Editorial Comment: This is confirmed by many local flood records, such as the one in the photo of Burdekin River flood heights over the last 150 years. Just like other weather events, cold wet periods go in cycles, just as was stated by God after Noah’s Flood. See Genesis 8:22.

Creation Research News 7 December 2022

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