Editorial By John Mackay

We don’t die because we get old, and we don’t die because we’re sick! We die because of sin. Easter is a real reminder that death is not a biological necessity – it’s a moral penalty that began with the first man Adam and the judgement of holy righteous Creator God upon the sin of that one man.

Australian theologian Pastor Dr Don McLellan declares in his new book ‘Destined to Live’ that science tells us death has been around for millions of years, so Paul had to mean something else in Romans 8:20 when he talks about Adam’s sin (Romans 5:12-21) bringing death and suffering on the whole of creation, (P104) because McLellan believes ‘science says’.

Don’t be surprised we rapidly expose such blatant error, particular at Easter. It’s merely another attempt in the Devil’s long war against the One who is Truth.

The first Adam’s sin was, and is the cause of all death and corruption, and the only cure is the last Adam’s thorn-crowned, nail-pierced death on a cross. (Romans 5:12-14, 1 Cor 15:22- 45). Anyone who tries to mix and match the so-called scientific history of death over millions of years via evolution will end up compromising the gospel, leading young people astray, and confusing the saints into rejecting God’s Word as final authority through his acceptance of science as “The Authority”.

Take note, we will continue to expose such error and present the truth that the Creator who made a good world without sin, death or corruption is also the Saviour who offers us eternal life free of corruption, death and sin.

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News 4 April 2023

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