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“I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published” writes Patrick Brown, a climate scientist who has just published a study on the effect of climate change on wildfires in California.  Whilst climate is a factor in increasing wildfires, Brown acknowledges there are other factors including poor forest management and increasing numbers of fires started by people.

Brown and his fellow authors concentrated on climate and deliberately left the other factors in order to get their study published in a high prestige journal.  According to Brown “editors of these journals have made it abundantly clear, both by what they publish and what they reject, that they want climate papers that support certain preapproved narratives—even when those narratives come at the expense of broader knowledge for society.”

Reference: The Free Press 5 September 2023

Editorial Comment: Brown and colleagues have not lied, but their published paper does not tell the whole truth either.  This admission exposes the weakness and the oppression of “peer review” – widely held as the gold standard for assessing the validity of scientific research, but increasingly used to keep out results that don’t fit the dominant views on many issues.

Remember this story when sceptics claim creation based research is invalid as it not published in mainstream peer reviewed journals.  Our research does not fit “certain preapproved narratives” such as an old age for the earth or molecules to mankind evolution.  That will not stop us doing the research and publishing it ourselves for the ultimate good of all people who need to know their Creator, Judge and Saviour.

Creation Research News 21 September 2023

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