Giants die as Australia dries, according to a report in Geology doi: 10.1130/G36346, published online 2 February 2015. A team of scientists in Australia have dated old shorelines and river deposits in the Lake Eyre basin in central Australia and concluded that Australia went through a “final and catastrophic drying phase” around the same time as a giant emu named Genyornis newtoni went extinct. They went on to write: “The disappearance of Genyornis and other megafauna has been previously attributed to ‘ecosystem collapse’ coincident with the spread of fire-wielding humans. Our findings suggest a climate-driven hydrological transformation in the critical window of human arrival and megafaunal extinction, and the results call for a re-evaluation of a human-mediated cause for such extinctions in arid Australia”.

Editorial Comment: Blaming the Aborigines vs blaming an ancient Global Warming … take your pick. Either choice is PI … politically incorrect!

In case you missed it … the description “climate-driven hydrological transformation” is another way of saying Australia dried out ages ago due to climate change which obviously could not have been caused by motor cars or man.

The humans vs climate debate over what caused the demise of the megafauna in Australia has been going on for decades, and remains unresolved because both these explanations are politically unacceptable. Science as a ‘source of truth’ is absolutely dependant on granting authorities for what makes it to the top of the pile as an explanation. Politicians and environmentalists do not want to be reminded that catastrophic droughts have occurred in the past without any contribution from man-made carbon dioxide, but neither do they want to blame the Australian aborigines for damaging the environment since its ‘cool’ to promote the falsehood that that stone age man worldwide was a friend of the environment.

We predict that in the end the truth will turn out to be probably a mixture of both, and that answer serves as a reminder the world is going downhill, not evolving upwards. Sorry, also ‘PI’ to evolutionists. (Ref. climate, weather, environment, ecology)

Evidence News vol. 15, No. 2
25 February 2015
Creation Research Australia