This site contains an archive of items sent out in the Creation Research Evidence News email newsletter, along with some articles on various creation topics that were originally sent out as additions to the e-mail newsletter.  The e-mail newsletter began in 1999, and has undergone various modifications since then, but has always contained items about scientific discoveries and topics related to creation and evolution that have been reported in general and science news sources.

Each item includes the source references used, and many have links to the sources.  However, many of these sources have modified and upgraded their websites, and some are no longer functioning, since we originally accessed them, so we apologise for any dead and defunct links.  Many of the original sources may be able to be tracked down from the references quoted using a general Internet search engine.

Evidence News is a free e-mail newsletter that gives a Biblical creation perspective on discoveries reported in the scientific and general news services, along with other information about relevant resources available from Creation Research.

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The newsletter is edited by John Mackay and Diane Eager.

John Mackay (a.k.a The Creation Guy)

John Mackay is International Director of Creation Research. His background is in geology and education as well as conducting field research across the globe. He has debated many academics on the creation/evolution issue, including Prof Richard Dawkins and Professor John Polkinghorne. Much of John’s teaching and research is available on the extensive range of DVD’s and CDs available from Creation Research. LINK

John  has an extensive teaching ministry on creation/evolution issues and continues to carry out research on evidence for creation, Noah’s flood and Babel.

More detail LINK

Diane Eager

Diane Eager has a background in medicine, and was a lecturer in biomedical sciences at University of Canberra. She now works for Creation Research, writing, lecturing and doing background research for our newsletters, publications and DVDs. She is particularly interested in design in living things and how living things interact with one another, as well as developing a Biblical understanding of biology.