Fossil Land Lizard

Flood Fossil Lizard Dumped in Sea

Scientists have studied an “exceptionally preserved” second specimen of a lizard named Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi and declared it a land dweller. The original specimen found 14 years ago, was classified as a marine reptile because it had been found buried with marine creatures, reported Science (AAAS) News 30 June 2017 and Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/s41598-017-04514-x, published online […]

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Judith River Ankyosaur

Drowned Dinosaurs

Drowned dinosaurs described in articles in Science (AAAS) News 9 May 2017, PhysOrg News, 10 May 2017, National Geographic, and Royal Society Open Science doi: 10.1098/rsos.161086, published online 10 May 2017. A team of researchers at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Canada have studied a fossil of  “an exceptionally complete and well-preserved skeleton” of an […]

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Red Seaweed

Oldest Fossil Sushi Wrap Seaweed

Oldest fossil sushi wrap seaweed found, according to reports in ScienceDaily 14 March 2017 and BBC News 15 March 2017. Therese Sallstedt of the Swedish Museum of Natural History has found some fossils she claims are; “the oldest fossil plants that we know of on Earth in the form of 1.6 billion year old red […]

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Dino Feathers in Amber

Dino feathers in amber claim scientists, according to articles in BBC News, National Geographic and ScienceDaily 8 December 2016, and Current Biology, 2016; DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2016.10.008. A group of scientists from China, Canada and UK have studied a piece of amber containing a small row of vertebral bones covered in fine feather-like filaments, which they claim […]

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Mud Dragon Fossil

Mud Dragon Escapes Explosion

Mud dragon escapes explosion, according to BBC News, Science (AAAS) News, ScienceDaily and Scientific Reports, 2016 doi: 10.1038/srep35780 published online 10 November 2016. The fossil of a sheep-sized theropod dinosaur was found by a Chinese construction crew who came close to blowing it to pieces when they were setting explosives at a construction site. Some […]

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Oldest Fossils

Oldest fossils found, claim scientists, according to reports in BBC News, Science (AAAS) News and Nature News 31 August 2016, and Nature (2016) doi:10.1038/nature19355 published online 31 August 2016. Australian and British scientists studying a rock formation named the Isua supracrustal belt (ISB) in Greenland claim to have found the oldest fossils on earth. They […]

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Oldest Sponge

Oldest sponge found, according to reports in Science Shots 9 March 2015 and PhysOrg 10 March 2015. A group of researchers from China, USA and France have found a tiny fossilised sponge in “a phosphorus-rich geological formation known for preserving animal fossils in an excellent state” in southern China. The fossil is described as “slightly […]

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Fossil Octopuses

Fossil octopuses found, according to reports in Eurekalert, 17 Mar 2009 and Live Science 18 May 2009. Living octopuses have soft bodies and when they die they rapidly decay into structureless blobs if they are not first eaten by scavengers. Therefore, “the preservation of an octopus as a fossil is about as unlikely as finding […]

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Writing with Jurassic Ink

Writing with Jurassic ink, reported in BBC News and Times Online 19 August 2009. British palaeontologists have found the perfectly preserved squid and squid ink sac in Jurassic rocks in Wiltshire, England. The squid ink was solidified, but so well preserved the scientists were able to liquefy it using an ammonia solution and use it […]

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Fossil Ink Should Make You Think

Recently we obtained a beautifully preserved fossil squid with ink still in its ink sac. So we ran a test using ammonia to extract the ink and to see if we could still write with it. The answer is a big yes, and you can see the photographs in our article Fossil Ink Should Make […]

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