Chameleon in Forest

Diets Shaped Chameleon Heads

Diets shaped chameleon heads, according to Science (AAAS) News 31 March 2017 and Functional Ecology vol. 31, pp 671–684, March 2017, doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.12750. A group of scientists studying a genus of South African dwarf chameleons named Bradypodion were intrigued by the variety of head shapes within the same genus – some tall, some wide and […]

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Finch Evolution in the Act

“Evolution caught in the act” is the headline of an article in news@nature, 13 July 2006. A study of two species of Darwin’s finches on one of the smaller Galapagos Islands has “provided the best description of a characteristic trait evolving in the wild.” The study was reported in Science vol. 313, p224, 14 July […]

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