Buried Bones

Gender Fluid Archaeology

When archaeologists find buried human skeletons in an excavation they are usually able to identify them as male or female according to their bone structure and DNA.  The Black Trowel Collective of American, a group identifying themselves as “anarchist archaeologists,” are now claiming that “archaeologists must centre the fluidity of gender in their archaeological practice”.  […]

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Transgender Flag

Transgender Trending in Scotland

Transgender trending in Scotland, according to a report in UK newspaper The Courier reported 6 November 2020. The newspaper wrote a scathing report about a DVD “The Transgender Agenda”, being sent to schools across the UK. Produced by Truth in Science, it includes interviews with medical experts explaining the true dangers of transgenderism, and the […]

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Non-Binary a Psychologically Harmful Legal Fiction

The first person to legally have his gender recorded as neither male nor female goes back to living as a man, declaring the classification ‘Non-Binary’ is a “Psychologically Harmful Legal Fiction” according to articles in Christian Post 1 January 2020, PJ Media 16 January 2020 and The Christian Institute 17 January 2020.  James Shupe began […]

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Gender Neutral Toilets

UK Schoolgirls Reject Transgender Toilets

UK schoolgirls reject transgender toilets, according to an article in The Christian Institute, 9 October 2019. Girls in UK schools are refusing to attend school rather than use “gender neutral” toilets in schools that allow boys to use the same toilets as girls. According to the UK Christian Institute some schools have allowed mixed sex […]

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Sex is Inbuilt

Sex is inbuilt conclude two recent studies of 25 genetically male children with genital deformities who were raised as girls, receiving hormone and other treatments. Dr William Reiner who worked on both studies said “these children demonstrate that normal male gender identity can develop not only in the absence of the penis, but even after […]

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Sex Differences Start Early

Sex differences start early, according to a report in Nature Science Update, 21 October 2003. Gender differences in the brain are thought to occur due to testosterone from the developing testes stimulating the brains of unborn males to develop into a male pattern. A team of scientists at the University of California analysed 12,000 brain […]

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Gay Caveman

“Gay Caveman” found, claim archaeologists in a report in Daily Telegraph 6 April 2011 and Yahoo!7 News 7 April 2011. Archaeologists in the Czech Republic have excavated the grave of a man who was laid on his left side with his head facing west. The grave also contained household jugs, including an oval shaped jug […]

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Anglican Clergy Challenge Sex-Change Marriages

Anglican clergy challenge sex-change marriages, as reported in BBC News 29 February 2004. A new law in Britain enables transsexuals to marry and obligates all marriage registrars to accept their applications for marriage. In England all Anglican clergy are legal marriage registrars. The law does allow clergy to refuse to carry out such ceremonies themselves […]

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