Dinosaurs Walked in Warm Wet Alaska

An international team of scientists have found a large number of dinosaur footprints and fossil plants in the Nanushuk Formation, a large outcrop of sedimentary rock in North West Alaska.  They identified 75 trackways of dinosaurs, including two-legged plant eaters, four-legged plant eaters, two-legged carnivores, along with bird footprints. They also found fossil tree stumps, […]

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Forest fire sun

Climate Confession

“I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published” writes Patrick Brown, a climate scientist who has just published a study on the effect of climate change on wildfires in California.  Whilst climate is a factor in increasing wildfires, Brown acknowledges there are other factors including poor forest management and increasing […]

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Giant Wombat Skull

The fossil of a giant wombat skull has been found in a Central Queensland cave. The fossil has been classified as Ramsayia magna, a species previously known from isolated teeth and jaw fragments. Researchers estimate the wombat was the size of a “really large sheep” and weighed around 130kg. Modern day wombats can grow to […]

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Clouds Rain

Wettest Year Since When?

South eastern Australia has just experienced a cold, wet Spring with many rivers in flood following a year of high rainfall. All extreme weather these days is blamed on man-made climate change, but these are not the highest floods on record! In a report on ABC News 27 November 2022 Chas Keys, a former deputy […]

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Bear with Cubs

Climate Change Brings Brolar Bears

As Arctic regions in North America and Russia are warming brown bears are moving north so they are crossing paths with polar bears more often.  Brown bears and polar bears can mate and produce fertile offspring, referred to as “brolar” bears, and these hybrids bears are becoming more common, and the hybrids are also breeding […]

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Rainbow Landscape

More Rainbows Coming with Climate Change

A group of researchers from various USA universities has used crowd sourced photos and computer models to predict the effects of climate change on the frequency of rainbows up to the year 2100. The researchers gathered thousands of photos of rainbows from publicly available photo sharing sites and matched the photos to rainfall, cloud cover […]

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Great Barrier Reef

Barrier Reef ‘Re-Cover Up’

A survey of the Great Barrier Reef by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has found the northern and central reef regions have the highest coral cover seen since the regular surveys began 36 years ago. The Great Barrier reef is not one single reef but a large series of reefs along the coast […]

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Flood Report 2022

What about Jurassic Ark?   We had many enquiries when the region around our Jurassic Ark (JA) outdoor museum site was flooded in March 2022.  People remember that previous floods in 2011 had caused a lot of damage.  Our comments and photos below. Yes it’s true! The floods of 2011 took us right out, with […]

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Antarctic Flowering Plants “a Climate Warning”

Scientists from Italy and UK have been studying the plants on Signy Island, a small island near Antarctica. They found two native flowering plants named Deschampsia antarctica and Colobanthus quitensis have increased their growth rate and range of habitation over the past decade. They are low growing grasses that grow in clumps on an otherwise […]

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Giant Millipedes Roamed Northern England

A group of researchers in the UK have studied the fossil of a giant millipede found after a rock fall on the Northumberland coast in north eastern England. The fossil is a portion of a creature named Arthropleura, and is dated at 326 million years old. There is enough of the creature preserved to enable […]

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