Young People & Brain

Academic Freedom Enables Puberty Blocker Win

In 2011 Michael Biggs, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Oxford was concerned when Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) started an experiment giving puberty blockers to adolescents as young as 12.  In 2018 he sought out results of this experimental treatment but could not find anything until […]

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Forest fire sun

Climate Confession

“I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published” writes Patrick Brown, a climate scientist who has just published a study on the effect of climate change on wildfires in California.  Whilst climate is a factor in increasing wildfires, Brown acknowledges there are other factors including poor forest management and increasing […]

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Book and Symbols

Scientists’ Balderdash Beats Gurus

An international team of researchers have conducted a survey to see whether people have higher regard for statements made by scientists compared with spiritual leaders, even if the people don’t understand what has been stated.  To do this they presented people with apparently erudite statements that were really nonsense generated by a computer algorithm that […]

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Megashark Gets More Mega

Megashark gets more mega, according to Science Alert and SciTechDaily 9 June 2021, and Palaeontologia Electronica DOI: 10.26879/1140. The size of the extinct giant fossil shark now named Otodus megalodon (used to be Carcharodon) has been re-estimated using the size of its teeth compared with teeth from the living Great White shark, then using the […]

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Australia’s Christian Heritage to Go From Schools

Australia’s Christian heritage to go from schools, according to recommendations of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) released 29 April 2021. A review of the content of school subjects including History and Civics and Citizenship has recommended school students no longer be taught Australia has a Christian heritage. There will be more emphasis […]

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Encounters With Science Educators, Editorial 17 March 2021

Editorial by Craig Hawkins Encounters with science educators reported by our Tasmanian colleague Craig Hawkins MSc, who writes: While serving at the counter of our tourism business recently I was challenged by a Victorian high school science teacher who had seen creation materials in our gift shop, as to why a place like ours would […]

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Transgender Flag

Transgender Trending in Scotland

Transgender trending in Scotland, according to a report in UK newspaper The Courier reported 6 November 2020. The newspaper wrote a scathing report about a DVD “The Transgender Agenda”, being sent to schools across the UK. Produced by Truth in Science, it includes interviews with medical experts explaining the true dangers of transgenderism, and the […]

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Detect Any Press Bias?

Do you detect any bias in this newspaper report? “An elite Brisbane private school has bowed to pressure and dropped a sex-education book that suggests God hates homosexuals, gay people can “successfully” change to heterosexual, and people with ambiguous genitalia are “freaks”.  Following Courier-Mail coverage that exposed the offensive book used in Year 10 religion […]

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Gender Neutral Toilets

UK Schoolgirls Reject Transgender Toilets

UK schoolgirls reject transgender toilets, according to an article in The Christian Institute, 9 October 2019. Girls in UK schools are refusing to attend school rather than use “gender neutral” toilets in schools that allow boys to use the same toilets as girls. According to the UK Christian Institute some schools have allowed mixed sex […]

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Female Male

“I Made It Up”, Writes Gender Theorist

“I made it up”, writes gender theorist in an article in Quillette 17 September 2019. Gender historian Christopher Dummitt of Trent University, Canada, was one of the leading promoters of the idea that gender is a social and cultural construct, rather than being based on the biological fact that there are two sexes – male […]

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