Dinosaurs Walked in Warm Wet Alaska

An international team of scientists have found a large number of dinosaur footprints and fossil plants in the Nanushuk Formation, a large outcrop of sedimentary rock in North West Alaska.  They identified 75 trackways of dinosaurs, including two-legged plant eaters, four-legged plant eaters, two-legged carnivores, along with bird footprints. They also found fossil tree stumps, […]

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Crocodile Skin

Oldest Reptile Skin

Oldest reptile skin found in Oklahoma cave as a team of researchers study a small fragment of fossilised skin from an infilled Permian cave system dated at 289–286million years old in the evolutionary timetable.  The researchers claim it is the “oldest-known preservation of amniote skin proper.”  (“Amniote” is a biological classification for all land-dwelling vertebrates […]

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oystercatcher on beach

Earliest Birds in Southern Hemisphere

Palaeontologists in Australia have found fossil footprints of birds on the south-eastern coast of Australia which they date as 120 – 128 million years old.  This makes them the earliest evidence for birds in Australia.  The tracks varied in size from 7cm to14cm wide and were similar to modern day shorebirds such as oystercatchers and […]

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Fossil Robot

Fossil robot built by engineers at Carnegie Mellon University, who worked with palaeontologists to design and build a robot based on an extinct fossil creature known as a Pleurocystidid, which were a type of echinoderm. They had a flattened oval body, a long segmented stem at one end, and two smaller appendages, believed to be […]

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Trilobite’s Last Meal

Scientist at Uppsala University Sweden have studied a well preserved trilobite fossil using an x-ray technique named synchrotron microtomography and found the remains of its last meal still in its digestive system.  The trilobite has been identified as Bohemolichas incola and was embedded in a siliceous rocky nodule found in the Czech Republic.  It is […]

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Sandstone Wall

Giant Fossil Salamander Escapes from Garden Wall

Scientists at the Australian Museum in Sydney and University of New South Wales (UNSW) have studied the fossil of a giant salamander found embedded in a sandstone block from a quarry on the News South Wales Central Coast region.  The block of sandstone was part of a consignment of rocks delivered to a local farmer […]

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Ammonite fossil embedded in rock

Archaeopteryx and Ammonite

In 2018 scientists from Germany and Switzerland published a detailed description of an Archaeopteryx specimen they claimed to be the oldest Archaeopteryx.  One reasons they claim this record is that the specimen was buried alongside an ammonite – an extinct spiral-shelled sea creature similar to a nautilus. Reference: Rauhut et al. (2018), The oldest Archaeopteryx […]

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Fossil Insect Blows Scientist Away.

Scientists at the Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, have studied an extremely well preserved fossil insect found in the Green River Formation in Colorado, a rock layer consisting of many layers of fine grained shales, dated as 50 million years old.  The fossil is a katydid – an insect with long slender legs […]

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Quote: Hiding Flood Fossils in Plain Sight

‘New armoured dinosaur named for museum professor’ by Taylor &Francis, as they admit this newly discovered dinosaur was buried on the Isle of Wight when “the Isle of Wight would have had a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean and was a flood plain covered by a large meandering river system. Floods would have […]

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Welsh countryside

A Treasure Trove of Welsh Fossils

Palaeontologists in Wales have found a deposit very well preserved fossils described as “a highly diverse Middle Ordovician Burgess Shale-type fauna”. The fossil deposit is dated as 462 million years, over 20 million years after the Cambrian period in the evolutionary timetable.  The fossils include some well-known Cambrian creatures that are now extinct, as well […]

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