Masters and Slaves Must Go

Masters and slaves must go, according to BBC News 15 June 2020. The software development hub GitHub wants its users to stop using the terms “master” and “slave”, when referring to software systems where one system controls other copies or processes. According to the BBC “The years-old campaign to replace such terms has been given […]

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Ghosts Linked Human Ancestors

Ghosts linked human ancestors, according reports in BBC News 14 February 2020, Science (AAAS) News 20 February 2020, and Science Advances 12 February 2020, 10.1126/sciadv.aax5097, and Science Advances 20 February 2020, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aay5483. The genome revolution of the last two decades has enabled scientists to analyse whole genomes of people from many living human populations. […]

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Containing the Coronavirus

Containing the coronavirus is proving to be difficult in spite of efforts by some governments and health authorities.  This newly found virus, officially designated “2019-nCoV” is similar to two previously known deadly coronaviruses – SARS and MERS.  Here is the testimony of one of our colleagues from a SARS outbreak.  “All passengers from the affected […]

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Non-Binary a Psychologically Harmful Legal Fiction

The first person to legally have his gender recorded as neither male nor female goes back to living as a man, declaring the classification ‘Non-Binary’ is a “Psychologically Harmful Legal Fiction” according to articles in Christian Post 1 January 2020, PJ Media 16 January 2020 and The Christian Institute 17 January 2020.  James Shupe began […]

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Children Protest

Eco-Anxiety Causing Child Mental Health Crisis

Eco-anxiety causing child mental health crisis, according to articles in Daily Mail 19 January 2020 and Evening Standard 20 January 2020.  Eco-anxiety is a term coined by psychologists and psychiatrists referring to feelings of anxiety, helplessness and guilt induced by repeated “climate crisis” claims.  According to Caroline Hickman of Bath’s Department of Social & Policy […]

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Biggest Killer in 2019

What was the biggest killer in 2019?  No, it wasn’t war, cancer, heart attacks or infectious diseases.  According to a report in Christian Institute 10 January, an organisation called Worldometer estimated there were over 42 million abortions in 2019, based on statistics collected from the World Health Organisation.  They estimate the total number of deaths […]

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Gender Neutral Toilets

UK Schoolgirls Reject Transgender Toilets

UK schoolgirls reject transgender toilets, according to an article in The Christian Institute, 9 October 2019. Girls in UK schools are refusing to attend school rather than use “gender neutral” toilets in schools that allow boys to use the same toilets as girls. According to the UK Christian Institute some schools have allowed mixed sex […]

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Pro-Gays Please Leave

Pro-Gays Please Leave, advises Aussie Anglican Archbishop to same sex marriage supporters, according to ABC News and Sydney Morning Herald 15 October 2019. Glenn Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, has told those who want to bless same sex marriages they should leave the Anglican Church. In a speech to the Anglican Synod for Sydney […]

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Sun Clouds

11,000 Scientists Declare Climate Emergency

11,000 scientists declare climate emergency in an article in BioScience 5 November 2019 doi: 10.1093/biosci/biz088. The article published by The Alliance of World Scientists (AWS) based at Oregon State University, begins with the following paragraph: Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it is.” […]

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Reef Expert Spots Fish Fakes

Reef expert spots fish fakes, according to a report in Science (AAAS) News 25 September 2019. Peter Ridd, a marine scientist who was dismissed by James Cook University (JCU) for criticising the quality of research into coral reef bleaching, has examined photos used in a study of zebra lionfish social behaviour and found that photos […]

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