Gender Neutral Toilets

UK Schoolgirls Reject Transgender Toilets

UK schoolgirls reject transgender toilets, according to an article in The Christian Institute, 9 October 2019. Girls in UK schools are refusing to attend school rather than use “gender neutral” toilets in schools that allow boys to use the same toilets as girls. According to the UK Christian Institute some schools have allowed mixed sex […]

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Female Male

Christian Doctor Sacked for Transgender Challenge

Christian doctor sacked for transgender challenge, according to a report in Christian Concern 2 October 2019. Dr David Mackereth, an Accident and Emergency doctor in the British National Health Service has been sacked from a position as a disability assessor with the Department of Work and Pensions because he refuses to use ‘transgender pronouns’. During […]

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Gender Ideology Harms Children

Gender ideology harms children.  The American College of Paediatricians have updated their statement on the current transgender trend.  It is entitled “Gender Ideology Harms Children”, updated September 2017. It begins: “The American College of Pediatricians urges healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of […]

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Mesosaur Scoliosis

Fossil Bone Diseases

Fossil bone diseases found, according to reports in Science (AAAS) News, PLoS ONE doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0185338, 21 September 2017 and ResearchGate conference papers June 2017. Scientists from Poland and USA have found the fossil of a mesosaur, an extinct marine reptile, with a spinal deformity that caused an abnormal curvature of its spine. The deformity is […]

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Transgender Flag

Choose Your Gender?

Choose your gender? The UK government proposes changing the law to enable people to “self-identify” their gender, according to an article in Christian Concern 25 July 2017. The article states: “A consultation on the Gender Recognition bill, which will be published this autumn, will also suggest ‘demedicalising’ gender identity, by removing the requirement for an […]

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We’ve All Lost 20 Genes

We’ve all lost 20 genes, according to reports in ScienceNOW and Science, vol. 335 pp. 823-828 17 February 2012 DOI: 10.1126/science.1215040. As more human genomes are studied, scientists are finding many differences between individuals. Some of these may be just harmless variations, but others may cause genes to become non-functional. As genome technology improves scientists […]

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Survival of the Kindest

Survival of the kindest investigated at UC Berkeley, according to e! Science News, 9 December 2009. Dacher Keltner, a UC Berkeley psychologist, and colleagues have carried out a number of studies of human behaviour that challenge the “every man for himself” interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Keltner is co-director of the […]

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Soil Superbugs

Soil superbugs found, according to a report in news@nature 19 January 2006 and Science, vol 311, p374, 20 January 2006. Bacteria resistant to many different antibiotics, often called “superbugs,” are becoming a serious problem in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. A team of researchers led by Gerard Wright of McMaster University, Ontario, Canada grew 480 […]

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Sickle Cell Malaria Survival

Sickle cell malaria survival secret found, according to a report in Nature News 10 November 2011 and ScienceDaily 18 November 2011. It has been known for many years that people who carry one gene for a disease named sickle cell anaemia have some increased resistance to malaria, and the sickle cell gene is more common […]

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Sexual Preference on the Brain

Sexual preference on the brain, as reported in articles in ScienceNOW 9 May 2005 and BBC Online News, 18 May 2005. A study of brain responses to exposure to male and female pheromones revealed differences between homosexual and heterosexual men. Pheromones are small scent molecules that act as chemical signals to activate parts of the […]

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