Unforeseen advantages of CO2 found, according to a report in Science Daily, 1 June 2007. Scott Denning, a physicist from Colorado State University, and his colleagues in the North American Carbon Program (NACP) are devising methods of tracking carbon dioxide levels all over the North America using monitors on cell phone and air traffic control towers. As the results are collected they have “discerned and confirmed the unforeseen advantages of rising carbon dioxide levels.” Denning commented: “Stuff is growing faster than it’s dying, which is weird.”


Editorial Comment: These findings may seem weird to a physicist, but they should be no surprise to biologists and geologists. Carbon dioxide is one of the essential raw materials plants use to make food for themselves, and in turn, feed, clothe and shelter all other living things on the planet.

The fossil, rock and sediment records indicate there have been periods when carbon dioxide has been higher in the past, and those periods are associated with abundant lush vegetation.

The recent climate change publicity has painted carbon dioxide as a poison, e.g. Richard Branson said “We want to encourage scientists and individuals from around the world to come up with a new way of removing lethal carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They will not only make history, but preserve history.” (Voyeur, Virgin Blue in-flight magazine, July 2007, p33)

Carbon dioxide does cause some discomfort at concentrations higher than one percent in the air, and is toxic at around five percent, but at the current concentration of between 0.03 to 0.04 percent it is essential to all life an earth. If it doubled, as the climate alarmists claim it will, Creation Research predicts it will be a boost to life on earth, not a death sentence. (Ref. atmosphere, gas, carbon cycle)

Evidence News, 5 August 2007