Twin towers innocents who died in the New York tragedy, 11 September 2001, give the USA every right to exact justice according to the rule given to Noah by God after the Great Flood. Genesis 9:1-6 records God implementing the first communal government as He told Noah “that man was authorised to take the life of those who took the life of innocents by acts of murder”, because man was made in God’s image. But the US also needs to do some stocktaking of its own as they are a country whose previous governments have authorised the killing of untold numbers of innocents and calling it abortion. May the God “in whom they trust” prick their consciences at this time about such deeds. The USA needs to stand in fear of the God who made man, who reminds us in the New Testament that “vengeance is His, He will repay” (Romans 12:19). May God give Mr Bush and his advisors wisdom and protection at this time to deal with terrorism against innocents inside and outside their borders.