Twicky twins born to 19 year old Kyle Hodgson – one a blue eyed blonde, and the other a dark skinned and firstly blue eyed, now brown eyed, twin, reported the Sunday Mail, Australia, March 12 p3. Parents Kyle and Remi are UK residents of mixed ancestry from Nottingham England. The unusual twins were born April 5 and are now doing very well. After birth baby Kian’s skin went fairer as baby Remee’s skin and hair became darker. Put by the experts at odds of 1,000,000 to one, the identical girls will undoubtedly get asked lots of questions as they grow up.

Editorial Comment: We often get asked about the textbook case of the red and grey squirrels on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon as being evidence for evolution by speciation. Now you can see why it isn’t. Black and white “identical” twins are the same kind as mum and dad. If perchance the twins matured and became separated with right coloured partners, you can now easily see how they could produce two separate tribes of different coloured humans, who did not go black because it was hot or white, because it was cool. It would be no more evidence for evolution than an ancestral squirrel having two differently coloured offspring, who end up on opposite sides of a big hole and cannot get back together to mix colour genes again. They and the humans are excellent evidence that all life forms produce their own kind as God created them to do as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis. (Ref selection, variation, microevolution)