Trees returning says Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, vol 103 p17574, 14 November 2006, as it reports there are significant gains in tree numbers in the USA and China, even though Brazil and India have lost trees. 22 of the 50 significant forest regions of the globe have gained trees.

Editorial Comment: Our own research would agree with this report as we have talked to many old timers over the past decade in the USA who vouch for this fact. But tree gain is also true for many parts of the UK where historic paintings of the geology sites we visit show forests today where there was cleared land in the 1700’s. Even the Scottish moors are rapidly being covered, much to the disgust of those who like their barren bleakness. Our perspective – God made trees for us to use and appointed us to have dominion over the planet (Genesis 1:1-31), so by all means “if you want to use a tree, cut one for you and one for me, and then plant three! (Ref. green, conservation, forest)

Evidence News 22 November 2006