Today’s New International Version Bible is a politically correct make-over of the more familiar NIV, reports the UK Daily Express March 16, p11. Released on March 15 it is gender neutral, so where the NIV reads “When God created man” (Genesis 1:27), the TNIV reads “When God created Human Beings” A total of 45,000 changes have been made to the NIV text to produce the TNIV which is being marketed by Hodder and Stoughton. Southern Baptist Convention spokesman Paige Patterson, has accused the TNIV of “attempting to force egalitarianism and even a feminist perspective on readers”.

Editorial Comment: We have long argued that the NIV translators have shown a propensity to choose the weakest possible current English words when translating the Word of God, from Hebrew and Greek. This latest move to political correctness continues that trend. Perhaps a further edition with 45,000 more changes will make God even more acceptable, until they have a truly atheist friendly bible? (Ref. Translations, Bible, Language, Compromise)