Thirty new human diseases have emerged in the past decade, according to Dr Baszak, a US Trade expert, reported the Australian Courier Mail, Wednesday June 29, 2005, page 5. Dr Baszak said cures had not been found for most of the new diseases, and we needed to find ways to limit their spread in the first place which is caused largely by airline passenger traffic and international trade. Australia, he said was leading the world in that area through its innovative quarantine program.

Editorial Comment: These new diseases are no surprise to someone who accepts the Biblical framework, rather than the evolutionary one. The Biblical picture of Creation indicates that the world began good without any diseases, but following man’s rebellion against the Creator, the earth began a long progression downhill from good to bad to worse to the present day. This degeneration commenced with God judging man’s sin by cursing the ground with thorns and thistles and imposing the biological phenomenon of death. The world further degenerated following God’s judgment at the flood which destroyed the original balanced environment and soil, and the ideal atmospheric conditions. The flood was followed by an increasingly erratic climate with the coming of winter and summer, ice and snow etc. Human diseases have been on the increase as a result of this degenerate trend, which includes the degeneration of the human genome. Creation Research predicts on the basis of this history, that we will see even more new diseases in the next 50 years, in man, animals and plants, as evidence of this trend (Ref. sickness, illness, germs, prediction)