The Wall Street Journal reports how abortion is costing the Democrats votes, because it is literally killing the people most likely to vote for them. In a June 28 article which analyses the 40,000,000 ‘authorized’ abortions which have been performed in the 30 years following legalization, author Larry Eastland argues in this year’s election there are 18,336,576 voters missing because they were aborted. Since 6 out of 10 Americans call themselves conservatives and only 25 percent have had abortions, but 1 in 3 Americans call themselves liberal and more than 40 percent have had abortions, the Liberal Democrats are dead certain to pay the price of their own policies.

Editorial Comment: This should not surprise us. Most Major Democrat candidates for the Presidency in the past 40 years have been evolutionists. They have rejected the God who created all men equal, and desired to live as one nation without God. Since this same creator warns that the wages of sin is death, it would seem the Democrats are paying that price. The real tragedy is that the whole USA is paying with them. Should the rest of the world be unimpressed when the USA complains of 4,000 killed on September 11, yet their elected leaders have allowed 40,000,000 to be legally murdered by US citizens on their own soil? Creation Research exists in the USA and world wide, to make sure mankind cannot forget we were created in the image of God, and therefore abortion is not only self defeating, but it is the sin of murder which the creator God will take us to task over, here and in eternity. (Ref. embryo, politics)