Creation banned in UK schools, according to Department for Education guidelines for Academies and Free Schools for 2014. Academies and Free Schools are schools set up and administered by charity trusts and local communities, but receive some government funding and must conform to government regulations.

A document entitled “Free Schools: How to Apply, May 2014” contains the following statement: “We will not approve any application where we have any concerns about creationism being taught as a valid scientific theory, or about schools failing to teach evolution adequately as part of their science curricula”. (Item 1.28, page 11)

Another document entitled “Free Schools in 2014, Outline Education Policies” requires those in charge of setting out the curriculum to provide the education authorities with “more detail as to the curriculum programme in English, Maths and Science, ensuring that the teaching of evolution is provided”. (Section headed “The layout and text of the policy document”)

A document entitled “Academy and free school: master funding agreement, June 2014” states: “The Academy Trust must not allow any view or theory to be taught as evidence-based if it is contrary to established scientific or historical evidence and explanations. This clause applies to all subjects taught at an Academy”, (Item 2.24, page 18) and “The Academy Trust must provide for the teaching of evolution as a comprehensive, coherent and extensively evidenced theory. In respect of any Alternative Provision Academies and 16-19 Academies, the Academy Trust must do this where relevant to the curriculum”. (Item 2.25, page 18)

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Editorial Comment: If evolution was real science it would stand up to any honest scrutiny, and would not need to be mandated and protected by politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats. The scientific method looks at evidence, draws conclusions based on the evidence, is open to different explanations of the evidence, and is open to challenge if more evidence is found. Note that the guidelines in Item 2.24 of the funding document do not allow any challenge to the prevailing view, even if there is evidence that challenges it. By putting in the words “and explanation” in this directive, the education authorities are effectively banning any challenge to the evolutionary world view, even if there is evidence for another explanation.

Note also, this ruling applies to all subjects, effectively banning any other world view, apart from the secular atheism of current UK Education leaders and Politicians, from being considered in any context, not just science. The items in the funding guideline documents are therefore a great reminder that evolution is actually a world view believed by faith and is anti-Christian to the core. (Ref. philosophy, politics)

Evidence News vol. 14, No.11
2 July 2014
Creation Research Australia