Hidden computer code explains universe claims Stephen Wolfram, as reported in BBC Future 29 May 2014. Computing researcher Stephen Wolfram has shown how simple programs called “cellular automata” could reproduce the structure of natural objects like snowflakes or leaves. He has now come up with the idea that similar computational rules may explain the workings of everything in the Universe. Wolfram claims the computer revolution that began last century, may help answer major existential and scientific questions, not just provide us with gadgets and the Internet. According to the BBC this is a controversial idea and is not accepted by most physicists.


Editorial Comment: This idea is not accepted by most physicists, but not because of lack of evidence. It is because everyone knows that a computer program is always the product of a creative mind. Furthermore, if there are any computation rules behind the way the universe behaves, that is a dead set pointer to a rule-maker, and the moral conclusion is that the one who makes the rules has the power and authority to enforce the rules. That is why physicists, and others, do not want to know about any evidence that the universe is not just chance random matter and energy. They don’t want the real Creator God in charge they want to be creative gods themselves. (Ref. cosmology, astronomy, design)

Evidence News vol. 14, No. 9
4 June 2014

Creation Research Australia