Politics and Creation in USA and Australia

USA: “Taxpayers fund creationism in schools. In 14 (US) states, nearly $1 billion of taxpayer money will go to support tuition vouchers for private schools, including those that teach creationism”, reports American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in their Policy Alert 27 March 2014.

DOWNUNDER in Australia, at the same time as the newsletter containing this item was being sent out, Ron Williams, a militant atheist, was mounting a High Court challenge to Federal government funding for school chaplains. Ron has previously attacked Creation Research (see article here) so let’s take the opportunity to challenge him.

Editorial Comment: We would ask AAAS and Ron Williams, just as we challenged Richard Dawkins to his face on TV when he made the same complaint; “What is wrong with taxpayers’ money going to schools for chaplains?” Governments have no money except that which we give them in tax, so we own them and not vice versa. Plus, given the number of people in the USA and Australia who believe in creation, creationists probably pay more tax than avowed atheists, and so are entitled to have every cent directed to an education they wish for their children. However, if AAAS and people like Ron Williams have their way, atheists alone would be allowed to impose their world view on everyone in every classroom. Reverse religious discrimination for sure. AAAS and the anti-chaplain campaigners obviously regard evolution and creation to be issues that impact on politics and economics, and not just on science, so why can’t creationists do likewise? (Ref. politics, education, world view)

Evidence News vol.14, No. 7
7 May 2014
Creation Research Australia