Schools head down under: In Australia, we still have the freedom to teach Religious Education (RE) even in State Schools, but one trend is becoming obvious. One disgruntled youth had submitted a parents’ letter claiming he was exempt from RE, but the class teacher discovered it was a forgery, and made the student attend. When his RE teacher asked why he was so upset he replied he didn’t want to be there because “I don’t believe in a Jesus who didn’t exist and a God who hadn’t ever made anything”. Later in the lesson the pupil became more aggressive and stated; “We know we came from fish that grew legs and turned into people”, then he pushed his desk over and stamped out.

Can you spot it? Kids aren’t sophisticated enough to hide the truth that most theological colleges and many pastors run from. This issue of where we came from does matter! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is based on the truth that God created and this Creator is Jesus who did everything, including die for our sins.

Note well: the devil is busy ensuring that students do know the link between ruling out the Creator of Genesis, and dismissing the Saviour of John’s Gospel. The same devil is working very hard to ensure that Christians can’t see this connection, so they really do have a missing link in their world view, which renders their Gospel incomplete at the best, and truthless at the worst. Now is the time to get behind Creation Research and enable us to help all people not only see this, but to see their need for Christ as Creator, Lord and Saviour, the way the truth and the life.

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Evidence News vol.14, No. 7
7 May 2014
Creation Research Australia