Intelligent design, creation banned from science in Queensland (Australia) schools, according to a 2013 policy document published by the Department of Education, Training and Employment. The page referring to the teaching of creation in science classes is entitled “Fact Sheet: Creationism and Intelligent Design” and contains the following statement: “The Australian Curriculum: Science and the Queensland Studies Authority Biology syllabus do not recognise the following as scientific theory: creationism, intelligent design, or any other metaphysical explanations of changes over time to living things; and do not identify these as part of any science curriculum. In Education Queensland schools, creationism and intelligent design are not recognised as scientific theory and are not included in the school science curriculum or in the teaching, learning and assessment associated with school science programs. Creationism or intelligent design is not to be compared with or evaluated against scientific theory”.

Policy Document

Editorial Comment: In spite of the title of this page in the policy document, Queensland education authorities have shown they are promoters of the naturalist view of science which was clearly stated in the (US) Science Teachers Journal: “Scientific theories are therefore explanations about aspects of nature without reference to God”. The Science Teacher, Nov 2003, p34. This means the Department decision has nothing to do with evidence or truth seeking at all. It simply means the Education Department has by fiat authority defined creation as non-science, and banned students from asking questions about evidence in this area, or even investigating if any evidence could support it. Nothing can be guaranteed to kill student inquiry skills more than such a Soviet style brain stopper.

Those who hold the currently prevailing world view, i.e. secular humanism, don’t allow questions or facts that challenge their world view, so they are making teachers pretend they don’t exist. We have said this before, but it applies here – when evolutionists have to get politicians, bureaucrats and/or lawyers to ban any alternatives to their theories they are admitting it won’t stand up to real challenges. You Aussies have an election coming up … time to kick out all secularists in high places, before they redefine voting rights as not allowable for any who believe in creation. (Ref. teaching, philosophy, world view)

Evidence News 7 August 2013